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The staff at MFP Automation Engineering goes to great lengths to ensure that we remain at the forefront of the fluid power and motion control industries. In this endeavor, we strive to keep our customers engaged and knowledgeable about our progress. Part of this is accomplished through our seasonal training classes while other pertinent information is relayed via this news page.


Students Take Advantage of Manufacturing Day 2017


Any opportunity that MFP has to share with the community or students what exactly it is that we do, our doors are eagerly opened.  Perhaps that’s why we love hosting Manufacturing Day tours at MFP Automation Engineering. It gives us a chance to expose students to world of manufacturing and give them a little taste of what things look like behind the scenes of many products they may use on a daily basis. Students get to tour our entire facility from customer service to our shipping and receiving department and everything else in between.

Our Eco-Friendly Impact


Our Eco-Friendly Impact


This year, MFP has taken the initiative to go green and be more environmentally friendly.  The results from this last quarter have been astonishing. Just by implementing a recycling program in our warehouse for one quarter, we have been able to save 89 trees. Take a look at the image in this blog to see the results of recycling 5.23 net tons and imagine what an impact this would have if we all were a little more conscious about recycling.


A Presidential Interview



If you didn’t already know, MFP is a family owned business and has been since its creation. We had the pleasure to sit down with our current owner and president, Roger Betten, to learn a little bit more about him, the current state of the company, and what he would like to see for the future of MFP Automation Engineering.


Question: What or who got you into the automation engineering field?

An Intern Interview: Shootin' the Breeze with Bri


Shootin’ the breeze with Bri


We love having interns around MFP. It’s a breath of fresh air to see newer and fresh perspectives, and we love helping them prepare for graduation and their engineering journey. It’s so rewarding to see all of the amazing things they go on to accomplish! Our current Engineering Intern, Bri, was kind enough to sit down and share a few reasons on why she enjoys working here, some advice for anyone considering the engineering field, and more!


MFP Capabilities


MFP Capabilities


If you haven’t noticed, in the last few years we have rebranded ourselves from Michigan Fluid Power to MFP Automation Engineering. While we are still incredibly proud to be one of the top 30 fluid power distributors in the country and to have maintained that small company feel and family culture, we have so much more to offer our customers!

Catchin' Up with Andy


Andy has been working for MFP Automation Engineering for nearly four years as a Hydraulic Systems Engineer, and has been a hydraulic engineer for twenty years.  Andy attended Muskegon Community College before transferring to Michigan Technological University, graduating in 1995 with a degree in mechanical engineering.  When asked, what made him choose hydraulic systems engineering as his career, he responded “It chose me. The first company I worked for out of Michigan Tech was looking for an entry level hydraulic engineer.

Why Engineering Matters



Albert Einstein once said “Scientists investigate that which already is; Engineers create that which has never been.” Engineers are responsible for solving global, environmental, and everyday problems.  Creative problem solving is just one way that makes every day different in the life of an engineer. One example is that engineers get to work within a variety of different industries helping others solve whatever challenges they are currently facing. The world of engineering is constantly evolving as we continue to encounter new problems every single day.