Fire Suppression Systems

Fire Protection for Heavy-Duty Mobile Equipment

Heavy off-road equipment assets, such as hydraulic shovels, wheel loaders, and haul trucks, perform essential duties in a variety of industries, including forestry, mining, power plants, and paper mills. These vehicles are often operational for long hours in some of the harshest conditions, therefore organizations must be vigilant when it comes to protecting these assets from hazards. And one major risk to an operation is fire. The smallest onboard fire, if gone unnoticed, can rapidly transform into a large blaze capable of consuming an entire piece of equipment – putting operators in danger and costing an organization time, resources, and money.

Fire suppression systems were especially designed to mitigate fires on heavy-duty mobile equipment. Systems include three main components for effective fire mitigation:

  1. Detection. Heat detection devices are installed in and around fire hazard areas, capable of discovering the smallest fire. Upon detection, a signal is sent to a control panel in the vehicle’s cab, alerting the operator to evacuate and discharging the suppression system.
  2. Actuation. The onboard dry and/or liquid chemical agent tanks are activated, releasing the agent into the protected areas of the machine.
  3. Distribution. The agent flows through tubing and/or hoses, dispensing out of spray nozzles onto the fire.
MiningThe Three Main Components Of A Vehicle Fire Suppression System

Fire Suppression System Agents and Benefits

Suppression systems are available in three configurations: (1) dry chemical agent, (2) liquid-only agent, and (3) dual agent (dry and liquid). Each type of agent attacks a vehicle fire differently. An MFP representative can assist with performing a Fire Risk Assessment to identify the unique fire hazards of your vehicles to suggest the best agent for your needs.

Dry Chemical Agent

Dry Chemical Agent Fire Suppression
  • Protection against Class A (debris), Class B (fuel) and Class C (electrical) fires
  • Total-flooding, especially in well enclosed areas
  • Unparalleled fire knockdown speed
  • Small footprint

Liquid Agent

Liquid Agent Fire Suppression
  • Protection against Class A (debris) and Class B (fuel) fires
  • Effective at cooling hot surfaces in open areas
  • Penetrates debris and suppresses pooled fuel fires
  • Fights against fire reignition

MFP is proud to be a certified distributor of AFEX Fire Suppression Systems, a manufacturer with over 50 years of experience supplying heavy-duty mobile equipment fire suppression systems to a variety of industries, including mining, forestry, construction, waste handling, and more. Click the banner below to learn more about AFEX.