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The staff at MFP Automation Engineering goes to great lengths to ensure that we remain at the forefront of the fluid power and motion control industries. In this endeavor, we strive to keep our customers engaged and knowledgeable about our progress. Part of this is accomplished through our seasonal training classes while other pertinent information is relayed via this news page.


MFP's Fight Against COVID-19


How MFP is Fighting COVID-19

In light of the recent pandemic, we have seen companies, individuals, and entire cities step up to help fight the good fight. Whether it’s a drive by birthday party, free online workout courses from home, or entire medical staff singing cover ballads in their scrubs, the good natured spirit of humanity is impossible to suppress.

Company Morale & Engagement


               It’s no secret that happy employees produce better bottom lines for companies. By maintaining a positive, fun, and dependable company culture, businesses are able to thrive in the industry, and pass that mentality and positive results down to their customer base. At MFP, we are not only aware of this approach, but strive to enhance it every chance we get.

Supply Chain Q&A with Jarl


We had the opportunity to sit down with our Supply Chain Manager, Jarl and find out what drew him to his career at MFP. Check out the interesting responses below for a peek into Jarl's life, as well as the interworkings of MFP! 


  1. What previous education have you had before working at MFP?

I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Administration from Augustana College in Rock Island, IL






It’s the month of November, often a time we think of Thanksgiving. A time we look forward to being with friends and family! Although it is a great thing to be excited to spend time with friends and family, it is important to remember to spend a moment saying “thank you” to those who make an impact on your life.

Manufacturing Day at MFP



This year, MFP Automation Engineering will once again be participating in Manufacturing Day in West Michigan. Manufacturing Day is an opportunity for local manufacturers to show their communities and students in school what exactly it is that we do. This day highlights the economic importance of the industry, as well as the rewarding careers the multifaceted sector has to offer.

MFP Open House 2019


                Last month, MFP was able to host an Open House broadcasting who we are, what we do and the products we sell. We had various types of visitors including vendors, customers and people in the community coming to check out our building or see what we do.




                Training in the workplace is not only a great opportunity for the employees, but it is also vital. It expands the knowledge base of all employees and gives a greater understanding of how to do their job and how to perform well.

MFP Reach


Like most companies, MFP Automation Engineering strives to stick by its mission, vision and values. Our vision and mission is to serve God, serve families and serve our customers. Our values are innovation, integrity and customer focus.

The emphasis of MFP’s families focus involves not only serving in the families of the company, but also the families in the community. MFP understands that no matter the type of business, it is important to give back to our communities and extend our mission.